Friday, January 30, 2009

post mortem 1

today is the last day of my 1st week final exam in the 1st far,it was not so good i think..

1st day: tuesday (27th February 2009)
1st paper was mechanic in material.I thought that I had giving my best effort on it,but yet I still could not answered that paper.I think that's not because of I can't answered it,but suddenly my head went blank,I can't think of anything.haih,I'm so down to think about that paper.I felt like I just want to cry while answering that paper.After that was the english writing subject.because i had felt so down on the paper before it,i forgot to bring my electronic dictionary.and as the result of it,I also cant made a good mind was still thinking about that 1st paper that i cant answered..haihh..

2nd day:wednesday (28th February 2009)
my 3rd paper was mechanic.the questions are so damn hard to answer,but i still can persue myself to feel rilex bcoz the other person also cant answered it..hehe..and 1 more,that class additional class during this spring,chill beb..hak3..after that,alhamdulillah i could answered my 2nd paper that day,mathematic..alhamdulilah syukur..

3rd day:friday (30th January 2009)
today,i had 2 paper,chemical in the morng,and matrix in the evening.for the chemical paper,alhamdulillah i coud answered it untill the number 6,and the rest 7,8,and 9,i didnt know the answer,but i just wrote some nonesense answer,so when my lecture see it,he will know that at least i try eventhough actually i did not the answer at 2nd paper was very terrible paper to lecturer for that subject is same with my senior,and my senior said that it was very easy to answer his question,and when i take a look at the past year question,i am agreed 100% that the answer was very easy.but this time,it was no more word "easy".the question pattern was still same,but the numbers were very hard like (3-x)(2-X)(3-x)..haihh..tawakal is very important i tink for that paper..


so far,i think whatever the result of my exam will come out,i need to be a grateful man to Allah taala..He knows what is the best for me..i thought that i have done quite a lot of mistakes in this 1st week that i think that were the cause that i cant answered my paper correctly..
1)dont be overconfident
2)always be a gratefull person
3)study smart

so,today will be my 2nd week of this final exam..gambaruze~~


hye everyone..
i'm now stdying in oversea,but in that country,english language doesn't to prevent my english from become worse,i will write in this blog anything about my life..
to be honest,because i have been not using english for a long time,my english had become very bad and broken,yoroshiku~~